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Are you about to repaint your Tampa, FL home or office but still haven’t found the right commercial and residential painting contractor? Are you looking for a reliable painting service? You are in the right place! CH USA Painting CORP is a commercial and residential painting company established in 2015. We work with commercial and residential property owners.

What do we offer?

Even though we specialize in commercial and residential painting, as well as drywall painting, it is not all we do by far! Our company also offers carpentry services to commercial and residential clients alike!

When/Why would you need us?

Every renovation and painting project deserves a dedicated and experienced residential and commercial painting contractor, so we are here to help! We make sure to charge our clients at affordable rates to accommodate all reasonable budgets out there! Regardless of how big or small the project may be, you are always in good hands with our trained and well-equipped professionals!

How do we do it?

We have assembled a competent and experienced team of professionals, each with a rich history in the field; this has given us the opportunity to reach further into the community and offer our clients a wide array of services for every need. No matter whether you are looking for quality residential and commercial painting service, siding, drywall or carpentry work, you can’t go wrong with choosing our company!

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CH USA Painting CORP
Tampa, FL 33615
Phone: (813) 210-8426

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Don’t make compromises with quality when choosing your siding or painting contractor! We will provide you with an outstanding quality service, and we won’t charge you a small fortune for it! So give CH USA Painting CORP a call today and schedule with us in Tampa, FL! You won’t be let down!

Client’s Testimonial

by Bonnie Davis on CH USA Painting CORP
Very nicely done!

We hired you for a minor painting job, but were still very pleasantly surprised by how professionally your crew handled it!

CH USA Painting CORP
Tampa, FL 33615
Phone: (813) 210-8426

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